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Why choose us?

Years of Experience and Proven Results

Our teachers are vaccinated for COVID-19 (certificate will be shown upon request). 

Custom made one-on-one session for our Sishya's

We fully comply with  Govt. SOP on COVID appropriate behavior

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to All Your Questions

What is Gurusskool?

We are a modern interpretation of the Indian system of connected personal learning. Our trained and qualified academicians will come to the neighborhood or the house of the children and teach the children at comfort of their home and time with all precautions. For COVID cannot be a reason for distancing the wards from academic curriculum.

Why Gurusskool?

In the current times of uncertainty safety is of paramount importance but so is continuity in education. It must be understood that restricted access of systemic education is also not be encouraged as this will lead to rustiness and children falling off the learning edge. 

Learning is key to life and learning is a way of life. in the child's growth academically and wholistically concerted inputs are necessary without impediments and how best to continue it apart from the safety and comfort of the house.

We hope to strive to support the children through care and support of their academics.

How are we different?

We at Gurusskool are a fusion of time tested techniques delivered through customised means tailored to each child. The attention to each child is the   primary input we seek to perfectly deliver and for you to see the results.
In the current time devoid of classroom learning we seek to recreate the same atmosphere in a limited bandwidth and student space to maximise learning and making learning exciting in the process.

What are the teaching methods adopted?

Each child is unique just like the fingers in our hand , a common one size fits all approach is so passe . Our USP is devolve to the level of the child ,Through use of recitation, repetition, revision we hope to mould the child to its fullest potential. We at Gurusskool believe in the children we believe in ourselves and the inefficacy of force for children are not objects to be moulded but personalities to be unfolded and assisted.

The child will also be made to do a  part performance of homework or schoolwork  under the tutelage of Gurus with the consent of the parents so that the child has time at home for other familial activities also .we firmly believe that education is an evolving process revolving around family and society. 

So the time for education must not be all encompassing but all permeating.

What are the Precautions/ COVID safety measures followed?

Personal Safety

Our educational support providers are trained and  briefed on prevalent corona protocols. With a face shield , gloves and mask we take great pains to ensure that the COVID threat is kept at bay and the risk is negated. Needless to say they are subject to testing as per prevalent requirements.

Social distancing

Plus the choice of modules offered make it easier for the parents and the children to decide the mode of education they prefer . The children will be placed at safe gaps in the floor on reed mats with face shields in a place of choice of the parents  in a well ventilated and airy spaces . The safety of the children is our utmost concern along with their academic progress.

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