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About Gurusskool: Video

About Gurusskool

Lets make learning exciting

We at Gurusskool offer educational support services at the comfort of your homes. We believe in maintaining social and personal hygiene and all our Gurus adhere to protocols to ensure that the transmission of knowledge and provision of support services is safe and medically certified. They will be separated by a safe distance in an open & well ventilated space of your resident association’s choice.

The medium of instruction Gurusskool has adopted is the black board system of learning. In the quest towards perfecting electronic/online education the core process of enlightening the mind of the child through systematic instruction has slowly been eroded. The educator and the educated need to be face to face for the educator to understand his ward better and to gauge the receptivity of the wards.

We strive to improve the child’s learning through incorporation of traditional, trusted and tested methods in these modern times, for the height of a tree is as good as the depth of its roots. We have always emphasized on the physical and mental wellbeing of our sishyas.

Our Vision & Mission

We at Gurusskool wish to utilize techniques to ensure that the human mind realizes its maximum potential and takes a soaring flight towards its latent capacities. Nature is the greatest teacher and knowledge is the loudest voice. Through our inspired teaching we seek to bring out the innate intelligence and character of our students. For, we take our duty of training the next generation of the society seriously.

Merely teaching is not an accomplishment. Getting the students excited about learning while inculcating values and bringing discipline into their lives would be our achievement. Hence, our motto “Lets Make Learning Exciting”

About Gurusskool: About
Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard

Program Modules

Tailored Specifically for Your Ward

Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man the point being how it's going to be expressed to the benefit of the possessor and the society at large. We at Gurusskool have unique approaches to teaching and learning as a whole without diverting from our motto of making learning exciting at the comfort of the child's most comfortable environment the home. 

Our approaches are our unique small batch based within the community / Apartments learning proposition or home (one-on-one) learning as you choose for your precious one.

About Gurusskool: Lessons

One-on-One Lessons

Personalized Attention

Our next next approach is focused home learning from the comfort of the home with an educator. This ensures undiluted care and seeks to free the mind and shed the inhibition that the child may have toward learning or group based learning. Sculpting the child in a cocoon of warmth and knowledge. This program is designed according to the students’ needs, with an emphasis on confidence-boosting activities.

Group Lessons

Grow Together

We encourage positive learning in batches with children who are familiar with each other this encourages competitive learning and fosters camaraderie and bonhomie amongst the knowledge peer group greatly thus developing the social skills. We teach and also encourage teaching in the group as a small but sure step towards self sufficiency in learning all under the watchful eye of the tutor.


We are here to help you unlock your wards potential and take charge of their learning.

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